Menu Information

We serve break fast to 41% of our Elementary students, 30% of our Jr. High students and 21% of our High School students.  We serve lunch to 76% of our Elementary students, 85% of our Jr. High students, and 57% of our High School students.  

All school menus are posted on the Food Service Website click on your student schol site.  

All students are encouraged to select a complete meal under the USDA guidelines.  Prior to writing the menu Kitchen Managers are a part of the decision making process?

About Featuring:
Students may select one of the complete self contained reimbursable meals offered which are:

  1. Chef Salad Meal: Crunchy Lettuce & Spinach /w Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese, Turkey Ham & Cheese, Deli Turkey & Cheese, Diced Egg & Cheese, Club Chef salad including cracker backet and milk.
  2. Nutritional Smart Pack Meal:  A variety of 2oz. protein includes Turkey, Turkey Ham, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, with 4 oz vegetable and / or 4oz fruit, 100% Juice, Bread Alternative, 1% or skim Milk.
  3. Choice of Entree's for the day as posted on the menu.  May choose one or two selection from the side bar which contins a variety of fresh/ canned fruit and vegetables.  All daily side bar choices are not posted on the menu in order to utilize more seasonal fresh vegetable &fruit as available.  A grain basket stocked with whole grain bread & crackers. Choose up to two bread servings a day.  Choice of cold and refreshing 1% white milk, 1% strawberry milk, 1% chocolate milk, or fat free white milk.  Menus are planned with the Nutri-Kid Menu planning program to meet today's requirements.
About Manager's Specials
The Managers at each school have one day a Month to plan an exiting items day.  Student sales will drive the frequency of a Manager's Special, so let the manager know what you would enjoy.  Check the Update menu information to see what is available for you.  We also do special treats on special days (example; once a month "Birthday Surprise", Halloween, Thanksgiving Lunch, Christmas Lunch, Presidents Day, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Sack Lunch last day of school.)  

About the Food We Serve:
    The Food Service Department provides a choice of high quality, nutritious and student friendly lunches that can be a part of an overall healthy lifestyle.  All of our Entrees are oven baked items we never deep fry.  Our Hot Dogs are processed with turkey; the bun we use for our cheeseburgers and turkey sandwiches is a white, whole grain product.  
    Many of our pizza and pasta are prepared with whole grain products as well as low fat cheese when available.  We serve only 1% and Skim milk choices.  

Menu & Prices Subject to Change