Frequently Ask Questions - FAQ

What is the National School Meals Program?

    The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally funded meal program, which provides both food and cash to subsidize the cost of school lunch in participating schools.  The NSLP was established by Harry Truman in 1945 and is currently operating in over 96,000 public, nonprofit, private schools, and residential childcare centers.  The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) manages the program at the federal level by the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Services and at the state level.

    In order to receive the benefit of the NSLP, participating schools must also offer free or reduced priced meals to eligible children.  The schools must also comply with nutritional requirements outlined by the federal government.  These guidelines follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans which recommend no more than 30% of a person's calories come from fat with less than 10% from saturated fat.  Lunch menus must also be designed to provide students with 1/3 of the key nutrients they need each day (calories, protein, Vitamins A and C, and Iron.


Can my child eat breakfast at school?

    In addition to participating in the National Lunch Program, Massac Unit #1 offers a daily breakfast program at the five Elementary Schools, Massac Jr. High, and Massac Co. High School.

    The student Meal Program is designed to meet federal regulations for nutritional balanced breakfast and to offer free or reduced-price breakfast to eligible children.

    Breakfast at all site's consist of: Hot Entree Sandwiches, Managers Choice, Variety of Cereal, Pastry, Low Fat Muffin, Fruit, Grain Bread Alt., 100% Juice and 1% or Skim Milk.


How do I pay for my meals?

    All schools use a computerized point of sale (POS) system to account for meals and Ala-carte purchases.  To access the account, each student is assigned his/her own ID card with his/her own student ID number.  The ID number does not change when the student changes schools.  It will remain the same throughout your child's education in Massac Unit #1.  The account may only be used for purchases of meals (with a charge limit at the Elementary school and Jr. High of $5.00 and Massac Co. High has a no charge policy)  

    Parents are encouraged to pay for meals by check.  Payments can be made for a week, a month, or even for the year in advance.  Checks should be made payable to your child's school Food Service, placed in an envelope with the child name, grade and teachers name.  Parents may pay on line through MY LUNCH MONEY for Massac Jr. High students.  Any balance remaining at the end of the school year will roll over and be available for the next school year.  If you are moving or your child will no longer attend Massac Unit #1 money may be refunded at a parent or guardian's request, which must be made in writing to your child's school.


Meal Pricing for the school year 2012/2013

 Breakfast at all attendance sites

 Lunch at all attendance sites

 Variety of components offered, three must be accepted.    

 Three Entree, Four canned/fresh vegetable/ bread alt. / 1% or Skim Milk offered, three must be accepted.

 Those who qualify by application: Free

 Those who qualify by application: Free

 Elementary/ Jr. High Reduced $0.30

 Elementary/ Jr. High Reduced $0.40

 Grades K - 8 Paid $1.20

 Grades K - 8 Paid $1.80

 High School Paid $1.45

 High School Paid $1.95

 Adult Paid $1.45

 Adult Paid $2.45

Extra Milk Purchased: All extra milk served is pre-pay (by account system) or daily pay $0.50 at the Ala-carte pricing with no charge.


What if I want to put a limit on my students account? 


    Parents can decide if they want their child to use his/ her meal account for Ala-carte items.  Parents can limit the days of the week that the child may purchase additional items, set a dollar amount that the child cannot exceed each day, or prevent the purchase of additional items at all.  To set limits on your child's account, please contact the Kitchen Manager at your child's school and school and present in writing your request.  


What are Ala-carte foods?


    Ala-carte foods are available for purchase daily in addition to the school meal.  Some foods produced for the day can be purchased in addition to the meal (i.e. second main dish, vegetable, fruit, and milk) additional items including a variety of food and beverage may vary by schools.  The prices for Ala-carte items are the same for adults and for students.  This includes those eligible for free and reduced-price meals.  Ala-carte foods can be paid for with cash or from your student's meal account.  No charging is allowed. 


How does my child qualify to receive free or reduced price meals?


    If you are receiving food stamps or TANF for your child you are applying for, the child can qualify to receive free meals.  If you are not, meal benefit can be determined based upon the number of people in your household (regardless of relation) and the gross monthly income in the household.  All students in a household should be listed on one application with the exception of foster children.  Each foster child must have a separate application.  

    New students cannot be served a free or reduced-priced meal until an application is approved.  Please remember that a family who applies for meal benefits does not "automatically" qualify.  Payment for meals at full price is required until the application is approved.  Processing can take up to 10 business days from the date it is received by the determining officer.  Only original applications can be processed.  Families may apply for free or reduced price meals any during the school year as their qualifying factors change.  A family not eligible at the beginning of the school year may reapply if there has ben a decrease in the household income, an increase in household size, or unemployment.  Families should check with their school attendance center to obtain the enrollment form.  


School Lunch - Let's Grow Healthier!


    Due to the required new USDA Dietary Guidelines Regulations and Implementation Timeframe, Massac Unit School District #1 will be taking small steps to healthier ala-carte and school meals. School food authorities should work to comply with each requirement as soon as possible. However, until all implementation rule goes into effect. As further information on implementation of this Act becomes available the menu will be updated.